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Our Latest Reviews

Volant 1 day ago

Tatnuck Thriller

Love this place, Food is always FRESH, Delivery person is friendly and awesome!!!!

Alexkm2001 10 days ago


I enjoyed my meal and the service. My sandwich came out quickly and the restaurant itself was clean and organized. I would definitely go again!

Dew5559 13 days ago

Homemade Meatball

The best I have had, they are delicious, yummmm

Kfagan 15 days ago

Christine's Chicken Wrap

Such great food and terrific service! A favorite lunch spot!

Smyth.Brit 15 days ago

Pork Belly BLT

Pork Belly BLT is DELISH. The thick cut bacon and siracha aioli make for the perfect sandwich.

Joshtmoore88 15 days ago


Absolutely delicious and perfectly executed. This sandwich for that price is a cant miss. Will definitely be coming back

Cygnusthesnowdog 17 days ago

Bahn Mi Ciabatta

A delicious staple in my diet, I could eat this everyday and often have to stop myself form doing just that.

Michelleann37 25 days ago

Buffalo Chicken Wrap

Ok yummm!! Songood. Will be coming here all the time bow!

John 25 days ago

Fish Sandwich

Man, B&P Fish Sandwiches are so good! We always make a point to stop in on Fridays to get one.

Jeff about 1 month ago


The pastrami is excellent! Great sandwich!

Ashayla 8 days ago


This is the first time I have ever tried this sandwich and it was ordered for me it was absolutely delicious. Although I don't know too many things I haven't ordered from this restaurant some desserts cheap dishes to sandwiches you can't go wrong there's no place like Elsa's at The Summit

Bjovel90 11 days ago

Steak Ranchero Wrap

LOVe LOVe LOve this location. Close to work and we always know were getting quality ingredients and at a reasonable price! Cant wait to have lunch there today!

Sheils.Jen 15 days ago

Combo Tray

Order a ray of sandwiches and salad for the teachers at my children's daycare. They loved it! The staff member I placed my order with, as well as the one I spoke with in follow up, were both very kind and helpful. Will certainly order again!

Brittanytognacci 15 days ago

Pork Belly BLT

Pork Belly BLT is an office favorite. The thick cut bacon and siracha aioli make for the perfect combination and upgrade on the classic BLT.

Smyth.Brit 15 days ago


The Jenerator is my absolute favorite! Between the fresh sub roll to the perfect combination of meat and cheeses topped with a honey mustard twist, this is my go to sandwich when we order take out at work! Highly recommend.

Kkckirby 16 days ago

Fish & Chips

Best fish and chips in Worcester

Lisa Stansbury 25 days ago

Seafood Bomb

This dish is AMAZING! Perfect combination of seafood & veggies in an amazing sauce with good size ravioli. Definitely a MUST! Once you try it you will add it to every order you place!

John 25 days ago


Delicious fresh deli meat, fresh veggies, fresh bread with a nice outer crust. Also, this thing is huge. Its really a least two meals for me. So good!

Hank 26 days ago


Bushel and Peck is my go to spot for lunch and dinner on a weekly basis. Fantastic sandwiches for lunch and an unbelievable spread of dinner options prepared fresh each day. My wife loves it when it's my turn to take care of dinner because I always go to Bushel and Peck.